Junior High School Down; Senior High School to Go



It’s already been almost 4 months when I finished a long and tiring yet fun journey that I will never forget, and that was when I completed my Junior High School last April this year. I was very happy because of the thought that was running on my mind and that is the phrase “Junior High School down, Senior High School to go”.

I remember I was very excited to proceed in Senior High School simply because I already want to graduate in college and find a decent and stable job in order to help my parents. I thought these things would be that easy, as easy as how I pronounced them, but Na-ah! It is way too far from what I thought, and my Senior High School experience made me realized that.

My Senior High School life had started two months ago and within that time, I’ve experienced, realized, and learned new and unfamiliar things, and at the same time, I met strangers who became my friends, classmates, and became part of my Senior High School life.

At first, the word “adjustment” hit me. I need to adjust myself from the new environment that I’m into, from the new people around me, and from the lessons of our teachers because it is not the same from my Junior High School lessons anymore— it became more difficult. I need to adopt the tradition, rules and regulations of my new school which is the Saint Michael’s College, and which is a private school.

Everybody knows that it’s not that easy to deal with the word “adjustment”, and I proved it right by myself, but those people who were just a strangers in my sight before, and suddenly became part of my journey helped me a lot. I am very thankful that I was able to meet and know them. The burden of adjusting became light in my arms because of them. And of course special thanks to the teachers whom I thought were terror and will be strict to us, especially that we are  already a Senior High School students, but little did I know, they are one of a kind teachers: very fun to be with and very passionate to their work. I’ve learned a lot from them.


As a Senior High School student, I’ve experienced many things from the very start which is on June until now. I can tell that as a student, it is normal for us to feel tired, stress and say “Struggle is Real” or “#BuhayEstudyanteNgaNaman” as an expression and that is because of the different performance tasks, assignments, reports, individual/group works, surprise quizzes, and many other activities that we need to engage, and also we cannot forget the feeling when the deadline of such task is near approaching, which pressured us the most, but at the end of the day, we also cannot forget the lessons we’ve learned from each tasks and we always thank GOD and those people who helped us in this journey.

Stepping into Senior High School life is not that easy because I’ve experienced all of those moments— moments that all students had experienced and cannot forget. But you know what’s best? That is the idea of having a cool family in my Senior High School life: a family that is a proof that Senior High School is not that bad.

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Forbidden Words: Martial Law

19066993-FORBIDDEN-Rubber-Stamp-over-a-white-background--Stock-PhotoAs we define forbidden, it means not permitted or allowed and yeah, for me, Martial Law is the famous forbidden words in the Philippines. Forbidden in a way that it is prohibited to talk about these words for nothing and involve it in a discussion in front of many people for no reason and even implement it for no reason. Everyone is very sensitive in dealing in these words that’s why everyone is very careful and watchful to their words. Everyone forbids talking and hearing especially implementing these words. It seems like hearing these words makes them remember their dark past or makes them shiver because of fear. Well, we can’t blame those people to be sensitive because Martial Law had been the darkest time of their lives and everyone is aware on what Martial Law brought to our country. That’s why I can’t stop myself from wondering if what will I feel if I’ll experience Martial Law. If Martial Law will be back, what changes it will bring to our country, and am I will be one of those people who forbid talking and hearing the words Martial Law?



…. Well, not until the place where I live was put under Martial Law. It was exactly May 23, 2017 when President Rodrigo Duterte declared that Mindanao will be put under Martial Law for two months because of the Marawi Siege. Honestly, after hearing this legit news, I felt nervous, scared, and afraid. Many questions sank in my mind like is the past will be repeated especially that the war in Marawi is continuously getting worst? Are we going to experience what they’ve experienced before? And is Martial Law the answer to the Marawi Siege or it will turn the other way around? These questions made me nervous and scared. I am also afraid on the changes that Martial Law will bring to Mindanao.



But as the time goes by and as the Martial Law has already been implemented, its effects had become clearer to me. It made me realized that there’s nothing to worry about because Martial Law helped a lot to secure and make us feel safe from the situation in Marawi City. I am so thankful that my bad thoughts about the Martial Law did not happen. I can tell that the Martial Law now is better than before, there’s a big difference, and I can tell it based on my own observation and experienced. For me, the curfew, the checkpoints, the securities, and many others helped and succeed to make us feel secure.



And now I can answer all my questions: It is good having Martial Law right now. It brought change and for me it’s for the better. The memories of Martial Law before will be forever a “forbidden memory” and it will never happen again. For me, Martial Law is the answer to the Marawi Siege and lastly, I am not one of those people who forbid talking and hearing the words Martial Law.


Embracing My Fate




November 04, 2000 was the exact date of my existence. It was the day where I was destined to exist in this world, and it is one of the happiest moments of my parents. I am so thankful that I am destined to be born as Marvelyn Tanajura, the second child of Marcelo and Maria Vilma Tanajura and the sister of Mylen and Marc Viel Tanajura. I am fated to become a Filipino and grow up in Mindanao specifically in Iligan City using the Visayan Language as my first language, and I am proud of my Nationality. I used to go in Tipanoy Elementary School during my Elementary days. I completed my Junior High School in Acelo C. Badelles Sr. Memorial High School. Now, I am currently studying in Saint Michael’s College as a Grade 11 student, and I’m planning to complete my Senior High School there.


I am born naturally as a shy and a quiet girl. Being talkative is not in my vocabulary and usually in any conversation, I am the listener. But even though I am quiet, I have my true friends and I love them so much. I love books and anything that is purple. I am a fan of the Korean Girl Group named Girls’ Generation. 




I am a believer of GOD, Forever, and the quote “Everything happens for a reason”. be.pngfy


I do believe in GOD, that’s for sure. For me, His Love is the best example of Forever, and I know that everything happens for a reason. I believe that GOD has a plan for my life. He had destined me to become someone He wants me to be that someone else would never be. It’s my fate to be born as Marvelyn Tanajura, to be loved by the persons around me, to face challenges every day and learn new lessons in life; encounter rejections and failures, but I know at the end, I’ll graduate in college. I will become a Teacher. I will be able help my parents and many people. I know my fate will turn out perfect, maybe not now but eventually, and I’m looking forward on that day. cap-and-diploma.jpg


But now, since I’m still a 16-year-old student, I will let GOD handle my life. I want him to know that I love my life, I accept it, and I had embraced my fate wholeheartedly.